Windows 10

Fri, 05 February 2021 07:37

So after many fully satisfactory years of Windows 7 I have decided to give Windows 10 a go on the new PC I have built.
Is this some sort of practical joke on Microsoft's part? think
I genuinely honestly cannot understand this thing.

I need to do a few simple things: remove the password at startup, remove the "welcome" screen and change the theme. On Win7 it would take a minute at most. On Win10 it's literally impossible. OK, so maybe I can download iTunes to get some mus... wait! I need a Microsoft account for that! To downloand Apple freeware? Are we joking?

No thanks: I'll keep on using my old Win7 POS and Microsoft can go and pound sand. The PC was running well but I have zero intention of spending my next few years fumbling around with the Nanny State version of Windows 98.

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What You May Want to Learn about Motorcycle

Thu, 04 February 2021 22:11

Long-term motorcycling is all about tackling dangers and remaining protected and sound 1-2 weeks in, season out. While driving nighttime isn't generally laborious, now becoming safe in the night comes to a significant matter: visibility. You have to become observable to other drivers and also different matters at the nearby regions, and also you've got to have the ability to find out what's offered with you personally.

Drunk Drivers: Typically speaking, apart from the very obvious troubles with small visibility, driving night gift suggestions additional dangers from drunk drivers. Maybe not over your balances, but fellow motorists are normally much more likely to possess had a beverage or two just before becoming when driving.

Hidden road blocks: over and above other autos from the path, the road grows more poisonous as a result of debris and obstacles from the road, pot-holes of almost any dimension, free dirt, manholes, and lots of different activities which eventually become observable as when darkness plans. They eventually become harder to really go close to. At precisely the exact same time that you might readily find something at the road, relocating on the street of traveling may put you onto a wreck course with some thing that you didn't find hidden in the shadow.

motorcycle headlight : several preys and scavenger creatures tend to show out through the night to go round the possibility of busy predators in the day or they are simply merely chased ofcourse. Happily, most monster eyes will probably exude a shine and indicate their presence for the needs you have in case you do have to detect one in the night time, just with time to stop their health on the road.

Restricted predecessors: As stated by this IIHS database, evening riding (9 pm — 3'm ) at 2016 accounted for 27 per cent of the motorcycle deaths. In the event you compare into this Saturday and Sunday hours contrary to the weekday hoursthen you are likely to notice it has not exactly a 2-to-1 percentage of deaths over the weekend hrs into week-day hrs throughout year. Even though figures do not you need to take under consideration seasonality, as climate might have led to horrendous riding requirements, just thinking that nearly 700 cyclists were dropped during bed-time is just a really difficult pill to swallow. Whenever you check in the dilemma, scarcity of prominence will soon be a more likely origin of the injuries, while it will be you getting the capacity to find or something else becoming witnessed.

At the event you do not want to put money into HiViz gear since you don't think you are going to be wearing or desiring it regularly, you are able to purchase a flowery industrial security sock regularly worn by building employees. Elect to receive a blue crimson or yellow vest and also be certain it includes got the reflective panels!

For additional visibility, then subsequently stylize your motorcycle or your equipment using retro-reflective tape that will catch the attention of unique drivers. You will get a roll of tape from any color conceivable to plug your gear. Benefit from your imagination when employing the tape, therefore since it's possible to insert them together with the border of a person's bicycle, on your torso, together with of the panniers and saddlebags, or even for those trying to carry 1 step farther, onto the eyebrow of one's wheel rims. Reflective stickers might also be accessible as well for people that will like to include extra layouts in their bicycles, armor, and on occasion maybe helmet.

LED lighting: ordinary incandescent bulbs are glowing, nevertheless changing them in a light emitting diode lighting bulb may boost your visibility from various drivers and enable you to look further and improved at the night moment. Light-emitting diode bulbs may lead far much additional mild with lower electric power from the motorcycle and minus the extra warmth of some high wattage fluorescent bulbs. You merely have to be cautious your motorcycle flasher can compensate for this low resistance out of adding or altering bulbs to LEDs. You may have to improve the flasher in your motorcycle to a electrical flasher rather than an resistance flasher to cover its shift from bulbs. Given Following Are Some Tactics to view and be viewed enhanced by adjusting your Lights choices:

Brake light Flashers: You also can switch outside or increase brake lights by having a flasher which could get your bulb display in many scenarios whenever the wheels are implemented. In the place of owning a steady light, it goes to catch the attention of this driver forcing you using a couple of flashes then stay afloat.

Headlight Modulator: A head-light regulating apparel may add just a little care from on coming drivers by pulsing your low beam headlights. Together with a few new autos like daytime running lights, then your headlight can get lost in a sea of headlights anytime during this particular daytime. A pulsing light divides the ocean of lighting and provides you the exact excess maintenance that you want to stay sound and protected.

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Advice Again Please

Tue, 26 January 2021 21:27

Change of plan,(maybe)a mate of mine has just bought a Honda CBF1000,and
thinks its the dogs,so what does the team think,i've watched a few vids
on them and they seem very comfy and capable Thumbs Up
If any whats the pros n cons on them,i really like the twin clocks too 58712470/

Cheers in advance Thumbs Up

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So I Have Bought...

Fri, 22 January 2021 11:21

... a ton of PC components out of a cryptomining operation nearby that closed down last week, a mixture of new and used components.
I only need some more pieces and I'll be assembling a new PC as unfortunately mine is starting to have a few motherboard issues.

Here's a few things I need info about.

1) Windows 10. How do I buy it? And more importantly how do I install it? This new PC will only have an external (USB) DVD drive and I literally have no clue how to download Win 10 on a PC with no OS. I've seen USB drives being sold on Amazon but they seem to be a mixture of genuine and counterfeit... think

2) Hard Disk #1. I will get an SSD M2 to run the OS and the most important programs. Seem about the same price as ordinary SSD and with less cables going around. Worth it?

3) Hard Disk #2. I want to just take my ordinary 2TB HD and slap on it. Too much stuff in it. Laugh Can I do it or do I have to migrate the data?

Oh, and I'll have so much fun reinstalling all the stuff I don't remember the passwords/activation codes for. Laugh

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Man & Cockroach

Sun, 17 January 2021 14:23


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Kakugo won't like this

Mon, 11 January 2021 17:53

Bought this, haven't fitted yet as too cold out if I break down Laugh

Anyone tried one?

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Happy New Year

Thu, 31 December 2020 20:08

Well what a year 2020 has been RollEyes hope 2021 is better think Thumbs Up Grin

Happy New Year all Beet #1

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Anyone else own one?; Tue, 29 December 2020 19:12

I’ve bought myself a 2002 JDM CB400SS, not seen many more about in the uk, does anyone else have one? Know anything about them?

Cheers in advance

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Newbie saying hello.; Mon, 28 December 2020 09:32

Just a quick hello from a new member, waiting (along with everyone else) to get out on the road after lockdown.

I’ve got a 2002 CB400SS by the way, interested to hear from any other owners.

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Just to Say

Fri, 25 December 2020 20:43

A very Merry Christmas to all,i know its been a shitter but lets hope 2021 is a corker Thumbs Up

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