New Toy

Fri, 23 October 2020 08:48

Not really new but pretty anyway.



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Thu, 22 October 2020 21:32

Hi all just updated Macrium and this popped up,
so do i convert or leave it,,, think


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Sharing/Linking YouTube Viedeos on Whatsapp

Wed, 21 October 2020 12:04

So, anybody has any idea if it can be done on an iPhone? think


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Aprilia RS660

Thu, 15 October 2020 17:14

I've just seen this thing on the Internet.

On paper it looks like a winner, very very compact, will handle well out of the box like Aprilia's have always done and finally manufacturers are getting that on that kind of bike a pillion seat means so much dead weight and a higher insurance premium to boot. It seems like the engine is as strictly half an RSV4's: kinda like Honda whose NC700/750 engine is half that of the old Jazz car. Laugh
I don't think there's a Factory version available (yet) but the rags here say €11,050 for the standard version, or about the same price as a bare bone retro bike.

The problems I see: to keep the price in that region Piaggio had to cut corners. Most components look cheap, starting from suspensions (standard Marzocchi/Sachs/etc units have long been Aprilia's weak point, needing rebuild or replacement at very low mileage), but it's the price to pay for that. Paint schemes are simply obscene, but again that's Aprilia for you and it's kinda ironic the purple/red version which harkens back to the AF1/RS125 production racers of the early 90's won't mean a thing to the age groups this bike is aimed to.
Oh, and it's an Aprilia: this means reliability and build quality are hit or miss and that spare parts may become unavailable much sooner than owners would like.

Finally there's another issue: nobody has a clue when it will hit dealerships. You can pre-order one now but Piaggio doesn't say when deliveries will start. I don't think this is sloppiness on their part, just that it reflects their fear another full lockdown may hit us and send deliveries times well into the future: differently from BMW, Italian bike manufacturers and their vendors haven't got an assurance from the government they will be able to keep on working. think
A whole lot of good having new bikes will do us if we are under house arrest once again.

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Tue, 13 October 2020 21:18

I’ll tell you about the most disgusting thing that ever happened to me.

I was at festival once, beautiful hot day and I was keen to get pissed, but I was skint. So I was sneaking the odd drink from people here and there, when I spotted a pint glass, almost full with a golden yellow liquid. I excitedly assumed it was someone’s beer, so I went for it. Picked it up and it felt a bit warm but I just thought it’d been out in the sun. So I necked it.

Honestly, it was the most vile thing I’ve ever tasted! You’ve probably guessed what it was already...


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Sun, 11 October 2020 14:13

It seems to be all the buzz right now and either BMW expects to sell wagonloads of them or bike sale figures are a scam because I asked at the BMW dealership and "starting February" there will be plenty available.
At 23 grands bare bone naked it is bloody expensive, but it's the same price as a similar Harley-Davidson, better engineered and for what it is surely handles and brakes much better. If you consider that differently from the old R1200C the engine is wholly purpose built (and given it's an air cooled Euro 4/5 compliant must have cost BMW a small fortune to develop and certify) it's not even that expensive.

I am pretty interested to see how these bikes will hold up long term because some of the engineering solutions (the driveshaft to say one) are basically 50's technology that has long been replaced by more advanced and reliable solutions. It should use ride by wire technology like most other modern boxers, and that apparently has the "purists" up in arm because it's "unreliable". Yes, it'so unreliable it's been in common commercial aeronautic use since 1984. Wink

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Honda CBF600N 2009.

Lumpy/intermittent power.; Wed, 07 October 2020 00:42

Recently my bike has started to run slightly lumpy when idling and when I use the throttle the power is not smooth and instead comes in lumps separated by half seconds of nothing. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Honda Engine Need Info

Sun, 04 October 2020 11:36

Hi All, I have a Honda engine but no VIN numbers so cannot find which model this is . Its brand new and unregistered . I do have a few QR codes which I will now enclose.


H M 599cm3
Below oil filter is 2MFJ 207904

1 MFG 11AO158
Underneath is
Photo inc. Wiring with numbers 32101 MER R601 000002

Thanks in advance for any help.



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Garage doors

Sat, 26 September 2020 13:24

Hi All,
Looking to replace my ancient up and over to something more pleasant. Security is high on the list and I think I want something electrically operated.

Anyone with experience, recommendations etc.

Many thanks

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Cb250 Charging issue. Who can solve the puzzle!?

Cb250 wont provide enough volts to charge. Im stumped; Fri, 25 September 2020 04:37

Hey folks,

I have a charging issue that has left me stumped.

I thought id put all the information out there and see if any of the more talented minds out there than myself can figure out what the issue is.


2004 CB250 Nighthawk - Upgrade coming soon ! Wink


Bike not charging, only getting 12.6v max at the battery when running.

After a bunch o test i replaced the RR, which didnt make a difference.

I checked the VAC output of the Stator and found it was only around 12VAC @ 1000rpm, 30VAC@ 3000rpm, and 40VAC @ 5000rpm. I'm of the opinion this if far to low?

Otherwise all the tests for the stator checked out (resistance and connectivity)

I decided to buy a replacement, hoping that would do the trick, but received it today and after install the VAC output of the stator is still same as before/ low.

Any ideas would be much appreciated as im lost as to where to look now.

Thanks in advanced.


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