Tyre Shortages

Fri, 18 September 2020 16:37

It seems the consequences of the asinine Spring lockdown have finally arrived.

Apart from what dealers have in stock, Michelin will only start delivering most models in November. Just got the news today: apparently their main bike tyre factory (Spain) was shut down for months and they are catching up with back orders only now, giving top priority to OE.
Bridgestone has most stuff available (bike tyre factory in Japan never shut down) but due to the general lockdown chaos delivery times have stretched a lot: my T31 will be here only on Thursday.
Finally Pirelli/Metzeler is in slighty better shape than the rest due to the factory in Germany having re-opened in May already but they hiked all prices by 10%. Always expensive, so really nothing new here. Laugh

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New member

Tue, 15 September 2020 21:24

Hey guys and girls, New member here. I just joined in. Hope you guys are fine and doing well.

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Blood Bike

Mon, 14 September 2020 20:50

This is a bike group i'm part of,well worth a nosey Thumbs Up

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Mon, 14 September 2020 13:03

Here's some real life experience for all of those who are tempted to save money on batteries.

Honda CB1300. Bought in 2012, no-name battery replaced in 2013 with a Yuasa, still going strong.
BMW R1200RT. Bought in 2017, Exide battery replaced under warranty twice by BMW, the second already showing excessive drain at start. Yes, that's three genuine batteries in three years.

Batteries are always maintained using the same battery charger and the charging system in both bikes is as good as new.

A brand new Yuasa for the BMW is no less than €120, but the competition is half that much. As usual you get what you pay for: there's no such thing as cheap and cheerful.

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CD 200 Now she's just being awkward

Flywheel puller recommendations ?; Wed, 02 September 2020 10:14

Hello all,

Next update on my grumpy CD200 1981, now I have the girl running (after some support from you guys previously, thanks again) when the engine is warm is pours engine oil out of the flywheel side of the crank, I've bought the seals ready, but of course I forgot about pulling the flywheel itself.

Can anyone point me in the direction of the correct puller to suit this bike ? Jan 1981 it was registered.

I see loads of different pullers online, all looking different, any help as always would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Sam

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CB or not CB

Help making a choice; Sun, 30 August 2020 21:36

Hello. I have a choice to make which is causing me stress. Perhaps you kind people can advise me. I am sharing a car with my girlfriend, who has daily use of it, leaving me somewhat vehicleless most of the time. This has been frustrating. So rather than buy another car, I whittled my wants down to either:

A) A Honda PCX 125 Scooter. Mpg rumoured to be up to 140. The girlfriend can ride it on her license. It has a helmet sized hold and phone charger. I can put a leg cover on in winter. It will just about be fast enough on the motorway. Can buy new with 5 year g'tee. Most popular 125 scooter in Europe. Unsure of performance on steep hills near me. Are long (300-500km) rides for jollies now and again really feasible, esp 2 up? It's hot for being nicked. Past experience of scooters suggests that any repairs will require 3 weeks of plastics removal in order to access anything metal.

B) An nth hand 1972 CB350 with (a dubious) 58000km on the clock. In running order but requires a revamp / full renovation. It's a proper bike. It'll maybe go faster, esp up hills. It's the same year as my birth. It's green (colour). It has shiny bits on it. It does about 40mpg. Lots of spares seem to be available but prices seem high. Its value might go up if I mint it. I'd be keeping a vehicle on the road and avoiding recycling and construction impact of a new one. I can put panniers on it. It goes "vroom vroom" properly and people might say, "hey, nice bike". It might be broken down more than it's not. It's more nick resistant. The girlfriend can't ride it and doesn't like proper motorbikes. I don't have a big garage for racks of spares. My dad has renovated old cars and will be dead proud of me.

C) Buy neither and stay at home, moping, but environmentally friendly.

Both bike are about 3000€. (I'm living in France)

Oh wise ones, what should I do?

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Covid 19

Wed, 19 August 2020 15:12

Just to let everyone know, I had the Russian Covid19 vaccination yesterday, and can tell you it’s fine. There are absolutely nyet negative sideffski effectovski Кто может это прочитать Обожаю Владимира Путина!

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Bing is Back

Mon, 17 August 2020 22:03

The two vids might help,the second vid if you watch closely
around 1-26 ish there seems to be another program loading think
Any ideas please think


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Honda Benly 200 bad manors she has !

Spluttering; Tue, 11 August 2020 17:46

Hi all, just bought my first Benly, wanted one for years, the girl wont run unless the choke is full out, anything else than this she farts, splutters and eventually dies, very bad behaviour !

So I've tried cleaning the carb, replacing some of the static parts like idle mixture screw (1.5 turns out, tried 2 turns out), checked for leaks, fuel and tank are clean, timing is ok, new points, plugs, coil, ht lead caps etc, still only runs with the choke fully out !!!!

So can anyone tell me a remedy and or where the best place to buy a new carb ? as I'm thinking this can help eliminate any further problems.

Any Help would be grateful, this is a father / son project and I want to keep my boys interest going away from xbox etc etc

Very grateful in advance


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Thu, 06 August 2020 12:46

So, how are the present Yamaha made? think
Good quality materials, bad quality materials? Are they typical Japanese designs, designed for being assembled and never touched, or did they give some thought to the poor chap who will carry out maintenance down the road? Are spare parts as obscenely priced as Honda's? Is there a good aftermarket diagnostic system available as there is with BMW?

Inquisitive minds want to know.

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