CB125S 1973 rebuild restore

Piston. How would I know what size rings to buy ?; Sun, 03 May 2020 22:08

Hi. New to the forum and new ish to mechanical tasks. I have decided to rebuild the engine on my 1973 CB125 S. My bike had been sitting since 1992 it has 25,000 miles on the clock. I have stripped the engine and bike with the help of youtube. I am getting the components ready for the engine rebuild and want to get new piston rings for the barrel. Question is : The piston in the engine is a Honda one with 324 4 stamped on it. Would anyone be able to advise, do I buy standard size rings or should I get over Confused size please.

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Coolant Fan

Sun, 03 May 2020 12:37

I've just changed the water and anti freeze in the rad,
so just on tick over how long should it be before the fan kicks in please think

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Game On

Sat, 02 May 2020 21:56

/forum/index.php?t=getfile&id=22565&private=0 think

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Phone call

Tue, 28 April 2020 11:43


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Tue, 28 April 2020 11:42


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Headlight fuse blowing

Sun, 26 April 2020 14:23

Hello, i have a honda hornet 600s 2003 , the problem im having is that when i change the headlight fuse it works fine until i put it into gear then it blows ,so im assuming its shorting out somewhere so any ideas to narrow it down would be helpful.

thank you

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Breaking News

Sat, 25 April 2020 17:43

A US vicar has died after injecting himself with disinfectant.
Donald Trump is being charged with Bleach of the Priest.

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PC Tower

Sat, 25 April 2020 11:16

Hi folks hope you’re all keeping well, this is a security question,
I’ve now taken the hard drive out, so I take it it’s now safe to
take to the tip 🤔🤔
Stay Safe Baza 🤘😎

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BT Sport on VM?

get a discount/pause it. Possibly also Sky Sports on VM; Fri, 24 April 2020 17:02

If you have BT Sport with Virgin Media then you can pause it and get credit given there's no new sport on atm. You'll still be able to view the channels but will get credit back

I had my doubts it would work for me as my BT Sport is included as part of my Full House TV XL package but I filled in the online form and already have £9 credit

/forum/index.php?t=getfile&id=22562&private=0 -us <-- Select BT Sport from drop down list. May also work for Sky Sports if you have that

I also rang up VM the same evening as I do yearly when cost/month exceeds £95 ish as my last "loyalty" discount ran out this month + there's been some price increases. Got the base cost down from £95/month to £72/month without even having to play the "i'm leaving you for sky" card Grin

I'll see next month if that £72 is £72 minus BT Sport credit + non included calls. On negative side, the day after I got all these discounts my son rang my mum for a chat before our evening free calls kicked in at 7pm and spent £7 on the call dispite his mobile having 500mins free 24/7 which he barely uses Wall

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So Who Is Furloughed

Tue, 21 April 2020 21:59

Just askin think

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