Find a Reg from a VIN number

Find a Reg from a VIN number; Mon, 20 April 2020 19:35

Can anyone help I am building a cafe racer from a 1989 CBR600 .I don't have the V5 .Please can any one help me find the Reg from the VIN number.

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Honda FES 125 S -wing

Getting the high mileage hero back to life! ; Mon, 20 April 2020 16:30

Hi, I have a 2008 honda 125 s-wing. I bought it as a project off of my neighbor's drive. I paid 90 pounds for it with no key, nor hearing it running. It stood for just under a year and now is under my own ownership. Had to get key cut/ change fluids/ general clean up and wash down.

Today I got the barrel back with the key and fitted it. Put some new fuel, plugged up a new battery...inspected fluid levels and started it. Started straight away, temp is good, idle seems fine. However a suspiciously loud knocking coming from engine? Not sure as a friend of mine did say that they were pretty noisy runners. Perhaps I'm being a bit over the top and it's the normal idle? Not too sure. I need help asap! On what to do and what not to do. Plus how do I flush the coolant system the correct way? Please please please let me know and all help would be appreciated!!!

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Image hosting?

Sun, 19 April 2020 18:25

It appears that Postimage is now reducing the quality of its shared images unless you pay a premium, well what a fooking surprise, they all come round to it in the end.

Anybody got a suggested alternative that is free? Grin

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Iphone Apps

Wed, 15 April 2020 22:47

Does anyone use a CCleaner app or the like,on their iphone think

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Test 2

Sun, 12 April 2020 11:03

Testing 2

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Unidentified Network

Sat, 11 April 2020 21:42

Internet has just started playing up,any ideas how to get round it,
i had no connection,so searched on phone,to no avail,switched router
off then on,it seems to have worked,but i dont know why think

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Blog page

Fri, 10 April 2020 23:01

Just noticed a new feature in the forum,a blog page. I've enabled it and ticked a few of the main forum sections to include

I wonder if its worth making that blog page the default for the think

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The what have you done today thread

Fri, 10 April 2020 22:27

New thread idea mainly as I actually did something proper today. Pics not required but useful sometimes. Update with whatever your upto in due course smile

I installed a new liner in my pond today. Its been leaking for 3-4 months requiring a couple of top ups per week so with the weather and day off we (myself and son) considered it a good time to do it

Pond drained mostly by utilising the pump with a connection to my hose and into the drain. Had to scoop quite a bit out too. This is the old (approx 10 years) liner in foreground. The liner that remains is the older one, not sure how old that one is but it serves as a useful underlay

Some of the fish, nothing fancy like proper Koi. Other larger fish kept in the old bin during the process Tongue
also recovered some frogs, one lot of frogs spawn (not sure what happened to the rest as we had lots more 3-4 weeks ate it?) and the 3 or 4 of the biggest leaches I've seen. I'm used to seeing tiny thin 1cm max leaches in the pipe work but found some about 6cm long, 1cm wide hiding. Put them in with the plants/frogs but later when going to put that stuff back in, they were no where to be seen. I think they might have burrowed into the plants roots so hopefully they're also back in

Almost ready for the new liner...just cleaning up and checking no stones got in

New liner in place and being filled

Trimmed liner once I put the slabs back down although I do need some cement to get the slabs level and sturdy again. Might try DIY place in Saturday if possible and its considered an "essential" item at this time.

Netting back in place (we used to lose to many fish to cranes or similar), job done

I might even replace the current slabs altogether although I'm not sure what would work better, look better, easy to fit and reasonable cost?

Anyone else making themselves useful lately?

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Macrium Reflect

Fri, 10 April 2020 22:07


Giz a Job Laugh

Thanks for last night too Wink eek

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