while at home...

Fri, 10 April 2020 08:14

While we were stuck indoors, the wife suggested that I make a bird table

She is now really peed off with me because I only pur her 5th Blush

I am so bored that I just phoned India
and asked if they have been in an accident in the last 3 years eek

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A few short ones #2

Thu, 09 April 2020 19:22

Did you Know: Bagpipes are the only instrument that, when you learn to play them properly, sound exactly the same as when you started.


Anyone wishing to show their appreciation for Amazon delivery drivers are asked to clap at their homes tomorrow anytime between 9am and 6pm.


Lidl management today said that because of the panic buying and pandemonium in their stores that they are taking drastic action and opening another till.


I saw Paul from the chucklebrothers in Asda earlier
I said "Oi, Two metre you"


If you had to sacrifice the population of just one city to get rid of this virus...

Which city would you choose?
and why Bradford?

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Tansalp 700XL

...well it used to be in one piece; Wed, 08 April 2020 22:53

After two strokes of bad luck, (a car crashing in to the 'motorbike parking only' zone and losing a game of chicken with a badger) I decided it was time to give the bike some much needed TLC.
so far de-rusting and painting things is taking up most time, engine bars, luggage rack and exhaust so on.
I'm also swapping out all the indicators for LEDS, but I cant find any electrical connectors that match the old relays wires, I got a cheep LED relay (two pin) and the plan was to wire it to a matching connector so I can go back to the old one at anytime if i don't like the LEDS.
Where do you guys get your electrical gear from, Im getting sick of amazon?
and i cont fined replacement hard guards like the originals, so looking for recommendations.

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Old Disk Cleanup

Wed, 08 April 2020 22:12

Is it time to clean up the old disk think


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Let's Talk CPU and Motherboards

Wed, 08 April 2020 16:46

I am not ordering anything right now because delivery services have rolled over and died here but I am starting to window shop for a big PC upgrade. In the specific since over the years I have basically replaced everything I would just need a new motherboard and CPU to go with it and maybe some extra RAM (currently 16GB, don't know if Windows 10 can handle more).
What's hot right now? Intel? AMD? And what about motherboards: MSI? Asus? Something else? think

Also with cryptocurrencies literally slaughtered (Bitcoin down 64% and Ripple down 93% pre-virus) there's starting to be some used gear for sale. Is this stuff reliable or is it the equivalent of buying a CBR600RR that has been raced with low oil within an inch of its life?


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Oil and Filter

Mon, 06 April 2020 21:11

So now the sprockets done,what oil would you suggest for a

BMW F650GS 2001 think

Stay Safe Baza Thumbs Up

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Sprocket Swap

Sun, 05 April 2020 20:46

Let the swearing begin Wtf

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Sun, 05 April 2020 12:04

Hi folks i hope your all keeping as well as you can in
these bloody weird times

My broadband is crap atm,and that's putting it politely,im with Plusnet
and i not sure wether there reply is just up selling or true,this is there reply,

You are obviously a long way from your telephone exchange On ADSL your download synch rate is up to 6.5 Mbps, your actual data rate will be less than this. that is, pathetic in today's world. However, something has been done about it. If you upgrade to Fibre, which is currently available, your speed should increase about 20 fold to over 60 Mbps..


I dont know if it matters but i'm running

One PC
One Firestick
Two Iphones
One Alexa

Stay Safe Baza

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Sad news

Wed, 01 April 2020 08:50

Got some sad news today. After 7 years of medical training, my good friend has been struck off after 1 minor indiscretion.

He slept with 1 of his patients & now can no longer work in the job he loves.

What a waste of time, training & money.

A genuinely nice guy, and a brilliant vet.

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