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Wed, 11 March 2020 09:58

The forum was giving me lots of crap errors on Tues evening added to other issues with the old hosting, I've now migrated the forum to a new host provider.

It was touch and go on getting the data back but I'm getting there now and hopefully just a few minor things to sort now such as the forum banner/header logo

Please let me know if you have any other issues?

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Full restoration ,; Fri, 06 March 2020 14:17

No photos yet , it's in a diabolical state ! It's been in ashed for years , the shed collapsed revealing the bike which is now mine . Engine turns over and it selects gears . I think it's the beginning of a lot of work , no handlebar fairing but everything else is there .1982 so very early ! Cool

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Thu, 05 March 2020 14:52


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Kerm's Sachs Madass 160

Wed, 04 March 2020 21:09

Bought on a whim although have been looking for about 12 months and these things kept drawing me in for their funkiness and simplicity

God knows if I'll ride it much but its something to tinker with as the evening grow longer and I had a sneaking suspicion it would fit in the Mondeo's boot to get it home which it did....just...with front wheel off & unfortunately I somehow managed to snap all 4 indicator stalks during the trip home Laugh

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Peak Stupidity?

Wed, 04 March 2020 19:08

Somebody put his most likely hard-earned money into this:

No more is needed.

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Unsure if this is in the correct section. Honda cbr125r 2017 valve clearance recommendation.

Valve clearance help. ; Tue, 03 March 2020 22:21

Hi, please can people help. Iv got a 2017 plate cbr125r which I purchased last march or may last year 2019 (will have to double check to confirm) it had just over 1000miles, i have now done just over 7100 miles on the clocks which consists of numerous long distance and one which was 660 miles hull to scotland. I do regular oil changes / oil flushes but I'm wondering when it is reccomended for these to have there valve clearances done/ checked if anyone knows please? Thanks

I own the haynes manual etc but believe this isnt mentioned. I'm also going to get this done professionally as I just dont have the time but honda dont help much with actually giving me an answer.

Thanks in advance.


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Wed, 26 February 2020 21:51

Found this today,thoughts think

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Honda cb 125 rs

Rebuild need help getting parts ; Wed, 26 February 2020 08:10

Cut a long story short. Son got bike and with a friend took apart a really good bike and now needs a lot of tlc
Need information about. Bike
I know it's a mix match of different models
Any help to find good places to get parts from please
Manuals with rebuild


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Headache #1

Fri, 21 February 2020 19:13

The O2/lambda sensor on my old and beaten up Honda was starting to malfunction again. NGK gives a lifespan of 60,000 miles for these second generation sensors and Denso a couple thousand more so it was no big deal.
I mean... replacing it is literally a five minute job that requires undoing four bolts to remove the exhaust header shield, disconnecting the 4P Sumitomo connector, undoing the sensor with a big M22 spanner and install the new one in reverse order. It's easier and faster to do it than type it.

I ordered an NGK sensor on eBay, but in a few hours the seller contacted me to say they had none left in stock so I took a refund.
Next up I headed to a local car parts store and bought one marked M&D. No clue who they are and with hindsight it should have said that way because it was defective out of the box. Another refund.
So third time's a charm, right? Wrong. I ordered a Denso (exactly the same thing as the original Honda spare, only less than a quarter of the price eek ) on eBay and it got here in 48 hours... too bad it was the right model but wrong connector! Laugh This time I opted to return it and get the correct one and finally the Odyssey is over.
This story has two morales.
First, there's a very good reason why even BMW used Denso and NGK spark plugs and O2 sensors.
Second, always wear your spectacles when serving customers. Wink

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CBF600S 2007 - fan relay

Mon, 17 February 2020 12:13

My cooling fan stopped coming on when the engine gets hot. The fan works when earthed so the issue lies elsewhere. I've replaced the radiator switch and the thermostat. All that's left is the grounding wire for the fan (I think) and the relay. I have located the grounding wire but I have no idea where the relay is. Can anyone help?

I've had a look in my Haynes but either I'm blind or its not in there.

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