Headache #1

Fri, 21 February 2020 19:13

The O2/lambda sensor on my old and beaten up Honda was starting to malfunction again. NGK gives a lifespan of 60,000 miles for these second generation sensors and Denso a couple thousand more so it was no big deal.
I mean... replacing it is literally a five minute job that requires undoing four bolts to remove the exhaust header shield, disconnecting the 4P Sumitomo connector, undoing the sensor with a big M22 spanner and install the new one in reverse order. It's easier and faster to do it than type it.

I ordered an NGK sensor on eBay, but in a few hours the seller contacted me to say they had none left in stock so I took a refund.
Next up I headed to a local car parts store and bought one marked M&D. No clue who they are and with hindsight it should have said that way because it was defective out of the box. Another refund.
So third time's a charm, right? Wrong. I ordered a Denso (exactly the same thing as the original Honda spare, only less than a quarter of the price eek ) on eBay and it got here in 48 hours... too bad it was the right model but wrong connector! Laugh This time I opted to return it and get the correct one and finally the Odyssey is over.
This story has two morales.
First, there's a very good reason why even BMW used Denso and NGK spark plugs and O2 sensors.
Second, always wear your spectacles when serving customers. Wink

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CBF600S 2007 - fan relay

Mon, 17 February 2020 12:13

My cooling fan stopped coming on when the engine gets hot. The fan works when earthed so the issue lies elsewhere. I've replaced the radiator switch and the thermostat. All that's left is the grounding wire for the fan (I think) and the relay. I have located the grounding wire but I have no idea where the relay is. Can anyone help?

I've had a look in my Haynes but either I'm blind or its not in there.

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What's it all about ? ; Sun, 09 February 2020 10:52

Tell me something

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Ipad Air 2

Sat, 08 February 2020 21:39

Looking for an Ipad Air 2,used,this one below would be top of
my price range,but i'm not to sure weather its a good buy or what,
i would be grateful for some advice,or possible links to a better one,
its got to be Ipad though,and not above £200 think 9-7-Silver-Grade-A-Touch-ID-12M-Warranty/274121294272?hash=i tem3fd2e701c0:g:Lf0AAOSwON1d6lyc

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Happy Birthday

Wed, 05 February 2020 22:07

Kermit,hope it was a gudun Beet #1 Thumbs Up

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How do you disable HFT phone book system

Tue, 04 February 2020 05:17

I own a 2012 Honda Accord euro with a B type HFT

The phonebook system drives me crazy. Every time I invoke Siri, I have to go through the process of denying the addition to the phonebook. Drives me crackers.

Is there anyway to disable this system or at the very least stop these annoying prompts?

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Surprised Nobody Mentioning

Sun, 02 February 2020 22:39

NORTON in Administration ..

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ECM Surge - Keeps Burning

Sun, 02 February 2020 09:58

Hi Guys,

This thread is for electric gurus! I've replaced the ECM of my 2004 CBR600RR twice now, something is surging and keeps frying them.

It all started with very poor idle, very rich conditions and 4 errors on the MIL System:

1 Blink: MAP Sensor Malfunction
7 Blinks: ECT Sensor Malfunction
8 Blinks: TPS Sensor Malfunction
9 Blinks: IAT Sensor Malfunction

I went through all steps to troubleshoot these errors in the service manual: continuity, voltage measures, resistances etc. Most results end with "Replace the ECM".
When I should read about 5V coming out of the ECM, I read 0V.

So, I replaced the ECM. The bike started right up and run great for a few miles with no more error codes...until it died. Again.

FI MIL Light blinking like before. Back to square 1.

I'm guessing that something is surging the ECM, like a ground or a solenoid shorting. Bypassing any fuse. The rectifier is under specs and the stator sends 13.9V at 5,000rpm. All good there.

I'm quite mechanically inclined but this time, I'm baffled...

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks guys.

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Most miles

Thu, 30 January 2020 21:32

Considering I rarely get out these days for numerous reasons like 6/12ths of the year its not warm and when it is I'm often busy or just can't be arsed to tog up, it got me thinking how many miles do you do roughly a year on your bike(s) and also other rough stats such as perhaps you all time record year (rough year/rough miles) or have you ever got the odometer on a bike to pass 99,999 miles etc etc

Me, I did <1000 last year and the year before and want to do more this year and right now while typing and not having ridden since the end of Sept I feel like I will end up doing more but then Spring/Summers arrives and the things in the first sentence get in the way Doh

I suspect my record on a bike is about 6/7000 in a year around the 1998-2001 which included a few Europe trips, out almost every sat or Sunday in the summer for 100-200 miles to the coast or North Yorks/Lakes, often one evening a week & not really stopping in winter so long as the roads were dry enough to get some grip.

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Next scary thought

Thu, 30 January 2020 13:23

Hello everyone,,
Good old DVSA are now looking at changing the mot status again, basically to make vehicles over 40 years old excempt. Possibly 30 years but UK government favour 40 years in line with tax exemption. Could all come into law in 2018. At the moment it is vehicles before 1960.
Unfortunately, these crap unconnected link removed by admin good folk do not understand corrosion. The belief id that foilk that own these things know how to look after them and will rectify any problems. Pre 1960 vehicles are less common, but knowing some of the owners, it is frightning. The 40 year rule allows lots of big engined cars that were produced in the worst years of corrosion, even more worrying
Doing MoT testing and seeing cars from this era is quite worrying. If/when its approived, beware and avoid old vehicles on the road. Consultation time is only a week and I only saw the info on an MoT forum.

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