The future of biking?

Tue, 23 July 2019 00:07

So I was lucky enough to test-ride one of these today.

€20k for the basic model. The only difference between that and the top of the range is the built-in charger, heated grips and a fly screen.

Is it the future of biking? I don't know.

Got used to the no sound thing really quickly but... It's a complete lunatic of a bike.
Fair enough I had it in the full Power, full engine braking and so forth setting. But the range was terrible.
Set off with it telling me it had 156km of range left, I did 40 km and it had 35 km left.

So in full power mode, it does about 1/3 the advertised range.

The way it makes power though. It basically has two speeds. Stop and warp 9. ImOut

Not sure its the right bike for me. I mean atm I really want one but I'm worried I'd lose my license really fast.
There's not much feedback on how fast you are going. It's all feel.

Found myself at silly lean angles on roads I drive every day and wouldn't normally take that fast.
It's just really hard not to use all the power all the time.

It's just so effortless. It has all the modern features, ABS, anti-wheelie, traction control.
Don't know if that's what it was as I've never ridden a bike with any of those aides but the bike was just unflappable.

Had me looking like this when I got off. Grin It is huge amounts of fun, there's just no other way of explaining it...
Fully slamming that throttle open and going from 0 to 170 is almost unbelievable, just so instant.
I mean for outright acceleration is probably less than my R1 but the power is just so linear.

Anyway, I do like it. Would love to have one but for commuting on and the occasional bonkers local ride.
The real downside is the range, I know we all love being silly buggers from time to time and this bike just doesn't get you far enough.
I just really don't like the idea of having to sit for hours to let the bike recharge...

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Honda CB125s 1974 spark plug question

Mon, 22 July 2019 17:33

Hi. This is my first post on here and maybe a stupid question but it has me stumped. Recently completed a full rebuild of a cb125s 1974 model and am having starting issues. Now I went back to basics and started with fuel/spark etc. I have fuel going in that isn't a problem but I'm having a problem with the spark.

So.... if I take the spark plug out and hover it about 3-4mm off the engine case and kick it over I get a nice big bright spark. But if I place the spark plug so it actually touches the engine case usually on the threaded part of the plug and I kick it over I don't get a spark at all.

All the videos on YouTube I've watched says to touch the spark pug on the engine case so it grounds and it should spark once turned over. What am I doing wrong? Do I have a bad ground somewhere? The frame has been powder coated but my main frame ground is bare metal so good contact is made.

Any help would be much appreciated as I'm literally stumped and my leg is getting bored of kicking it over!


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Iphone Q

Sat, 20 July 2019 21:19

Ok i have my music on my Iphone,i also have a small
bluetooth speaker,when link the two up,my phone
seems to get very hot,is this normal think

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Lost money

Fri, 19 July 2019 21:24

I came out of Asda this morning and there was a woman crying her eyes out.
She'd lost all her holiday money.
I felt so sorry for her I gave her £50.
I don't usually do that kind of thing but I'd just found £2000 in the carpark. Twisted Evil

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Thu, 18 July 2019 09:34


Rail firm fined as man dies sticking head out of window RollEyes .

In other news, owners of World Trade Centre fined for not having a sign on their buildings saying "Please don't fly an aeroplane into these towers"...In Arabic.

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DVD to USB??

Wed, 17 July 2019 11:42

As per title, is it possible to copy DVD's to a USB stick.

PREFERABLY IN A VERY EASY WAY, 'cos a tech guru I certainly am not smile

I have Googled it but they all want you to download "free" software which is probably riddled with crap and still won't do what it's meant to.

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Alternative to a c-spanner

Sun, 14 July 2019 18:42

Title says it all really.
Basically the R1 doesn't have a toolkit and I need a c-spanner.
Any advice? think

need to increase the preload cos I is fat...

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Kinda funny

Fri, 05 July 2019 11:39

It's kinda funny if you think about it.

We all came from the MCN Fireblade forum but how many of us still ride one....

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Clunky Gearbox and Noisy Engine

Wed, 03 July 2019 21:51

BMW F650 GS 2001,25,000 So how clunky and noisy are they,as mine is very
clunky and noisy,whats the best cause of action,would thicker oil help think

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Spel Cheka

Tue, 02 July 2019 21:42

Wer is it think

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