Bike Drifting

Tue, 16 April 2019 21:29

I posted this on a BMW Site Blush Forgive me Father for i have sinned Wall

Hi all,so is it just me or has anyone else had the same experience,whilst riding
on the motorway the other day,i was on a long sweeping part of the MW,and
to say it was hard work keeping it in the one lane was an understatment,there
was a slight wind,but the bike just wanted to drift,out and out,till it got really
IFFY,speed was around 55/60 tops.
Any advice would be helpful

Now someone mentioned tyre pressure,mine is Front30,,,Rear30,as per the book,
or near as dam it.
But they said hey had the similar thing,and they fixed it by putting the tyres up
to Front 35,,,Rear 38 eek

As i trust you lads more,whats your opinion think

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bore wear

engine burning oil due to bore problems?; Tue, 16 April 2019 09:13

What year did the fireblade have an engine problem with burning oil due to bore linings

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ns125 crank rebuild help

looking for recommendations; Sun, 14 April 2019 19:53

hi, new to the forum, just purchashed an ns125. and im looking for recommendations to have the crank rebuilt, barrel and piston repaired/replaced. i will be doing the rest of the work myself. im north east uk. had one of these when i was 17 and loved it, and it's too nice a bike to break.

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USB Cables

Fri, 12 April 2019 22:56

So i have a Drift camera,of which i changed the battery the other day,
now i charged the new battery up,and all was fine,using an ordinary USB lead,
used the camera till it stopped,battery empty,tried to charge again,using
same USB lead,but it would not charge,anyway after some considerable (uckin ages)
i twigged i had the wrong cable,so the Q is,
Whats the difference and why,the cable with he (lump)is the correct one think


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1970 CB350K3 Mild 'Restoration'

Wed, 10 April 2019 13:55

Hi All,

New to the forum. I actually have a question about another bike, but I thought it would be nice to start a thread about my on-going CB350K 'restoration' I'm doing at the moment.

I bought the bike off eBay around August last year. It's a US import and hasn't been on the road since 2006. It looked pretty good from a distance, but up close it needed work and had a few bits broken / missing.

From the auction

Link to the auction photos album:

Arrival day:

Closer look at the damage / missing parts:

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Got myself a half decent drone

Mon, 08 April 2019 13:35

A friend of mine whose into Drone flying offered me his old drone a few weeks ago as it was taking up space his Mrs told him they didn't have Laugh

This is it. Very clever compared the 'toy' drone my son got for xmas a few years ago, has GPS, barometer (helps maintain level above ground) and magnetometer that when I fly it in the easy "Stability Mode" (which is the only mode I've used so far), it saves that awkwardness of trying to interpret which is left and right when its fly towards you or at an angle ie the right sticks left, right and up (away) and down (towards) you stays doing that irrespective as to what direction its flying or which way round the drone is orientated. That makes it a doddle for someone like me that has previously in teens crashed a glider and engine plane when I've lost my orientation Laugh

It also has a very handy return to home switch on the controls that when flicked down will make the drone return within a meter or less of its take off point.

Took some video on Saturday with my Go pro like sportscam. This is screenshot from video hence quality not great but will try set camera to take pictures every 5 seconds or so next time out
Thats me in the dark jacket, mrs in white and son red Grin

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New to me CBF600 SA8

Gearing query; Sun, 07 April 2019 22:27


Hi folks
Have recently acquired the above bike after a couple of years struggling with the weight of a BMW K100.
Pretty pleased with it . It has all the toys , comfortable to ride , and I am sure I will enjoy it .

My only query is the low gearing. I think it is on standard sprockets but I seem to need to be in sixth even in the 30 zones .
After the big plodder I wonder if it would be easy to gear this one up a bit.
Has anyone else felt the same way about this model and which way did you go

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Fri, 05 April 2019 21:35

I have an old Drift Stealth 2 camera,and i'm trying to
put up to date firmware on it,and been on the Drift site,
and done what they asked but ive ended up with this,,,

Help Reqd Please

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2018 NC750x high beam feed

Tue, 02 April 2019 13:00

Further to this thread here: mp;start=0&

I want to have my spotlights come on when I use the high beam but have absolutely no idea how to do this.

Can anyone point me to where and how I can connect them to the high beam feed rather than a switch on the handlebar? I'm hoping this is possible.

If it is easy enough to do I will attempt it myself or am I best just taking it to a professional?

Any advice (with pictures preferably) welcomed.


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NC750x power issue.

Mon, 01 April 2019 08:20

Sorry if this is in the wrong section (Admin feel free to move) but just wondered if someone had the same issue.

I've a Honda NC750x (2018) DCT and have been adding bits, crash bars, radiator guards etc... and decided to add some spotlights.

Went out on Sunday and after about 50 miles (with spotlights on) I turned the heated grips on full (Oxford) and about 10 minutes later was going down Sutton Bank and the engine died and the dash dimmed a lot. Pulled over and it wouldn't go into neutral, flicked the spot lights off at which point the dash lit up and the bike would let me select neutral and it started. I then did 35 miles home without any issues (with spotlights off!).

I'm just wondering if I've drained the battery so much that the bike has cut out (that's how it seems to me) but was seeking advice in case it's something else I either haven't thought of or simply aren't aware of as my knowledge of electrics is limited.

The switch and wiring seemed simple enough. I didn't wire the switch directly to the bike lighting as I didn't like the idea of cutting into the bikes wiring, so wired it directly to the battery (does that make a difference?) and connecting the lights was as simple as two wires; a positive and a negative and if I'd done that wrong they just wouldn't come on at all.

This is the kit I bought: Link removed.

These are the lights I installed: Link removed.

As you can see, they are 40w so I am thinking I have been a silly boy! The Givi S322 only draw 14w so I may need to swap them out to something like the Givi LED lights that draw less power.

I'm hoping this is simply a case of me trying to buy cheap lights and nothing more sinister.

Any advice (or piss taking) welcome. Grin

Edit: It won't let me add links until I have posted two messages.

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