Cbf600 n cluster removal

Sat, 04 December 2021 15:41

Hello all.
Brand new member today. Thanks for having me.
I recently bought a 2005 cbf 600.
It's been through the wars but I can get it back to
Reasonable shape.
The back of the cluster casing was broken of course. Got a new
One but I'm not sure how to get the instrument cluster off?
Got the 2 bolts and 2 nuts off but not much movement.
Does the head stock need to come off to let the bracket free?
Seems a bit excessive .

Thanks for any help 😉

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Car Tyre Screw - Repairable?

Tue, 30 November 2021 20:35

Possibly one for GB with his MOT knowledge but I guess there's good knowledge from others too smile

My car passed its MOT today with no fails but a few adviseries, one number plate bulb blown (already fixed), exhaust bracket something or other (not looked yet but exhaust not hanging off, possibly just one of these rubber things) and a screw in the NS front tyre (not going down although it was fairly flat last week for reasons unknown & in hindsight must have been just after this embeded itself in the tyre but over the last week, its been fine pressure wise.

I took the car down to a local tyre place to get them to check out if repairable, after a bit he came back and said no as "its on the shoulder". Personally I disgree and I think I'm right that in the UK repairs are legal in the middle 75% of the width of the tread. This sort of looks like its the start of the shoulder/sidewall but its a fairly slick tyre and that bit almost certainly is always planted flat, its not quite on the bit that starts to curve down into the sidewall.

He then wanted to sell me 2 new front from "Imperial" at £90 fitted each which is a good price for 235/40 R18 and when I enquired about a proper brand (Pirelli, Michellin etc) he said they'd be double that so went ahead with the £90 tyre order and supposed to be going to have them fitted tomorrow but having second thoughts mainly as googling I can see proper branded tyres including the current Dunlop Sportmax tyres in my size for £125-135 locally and similar for Pirelli, Michelin etc so not double price Sad

Thoughts on the repair as I'm tempted to get a kit and fix it myself, let them get me through a winter (hope not much more snow as these tyres are shite in snow) then get proper replacements inteh spring.


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honda vt 125 shadow cam shaft installation Please Help

Mon, 29 November 2021 11:12

Im having some difficulty with the installation of the rear camshaft, the service manual doesn't specify whether the lobes should be up or down.

I feel like they should be down as the tappets were loose, i believe before removing the tappet cover. With turning the crank slowly there was no tightening as if it was wrong and turns over fine.

I have tried running it and it does run but the choke doesnt seem to be working as loud or as fast as before, there was also a whining noise, when it stops there is like a 1 sec puff/huff sound. With the head off and it running, it doesnt seem like the whining is from the camshaft. There was also some smoke rising out of the crank case, would this be blow by?

The manual also says to remove the cam tensioner at the start of the operation, unfortunately one bolt was fuked, i have now cut the whole thing off and am waiting for a replacement, could there have been some kind of damage putting the cam sprocket and chain back on the camshaft while under tension?

This bike has been a bit of a nightmare, im about about to move abroad and really need to get it working right and then sold.

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Well its the Weekend

Sat, 27 November 2021 21:08

And her she is, Thumbs Up
BMW R1200 SOHC 2010,new tyres,spots,carbon hugger,sump guard,full BMW luggage with liners,and thats the lot Thumbs Up

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I've Joined...

Thu, 25 November 2021 14:41

... the rarefied club of the high performance two stroke owners. eek

What did you expect? Laugh

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Breaking News

Wed, 24 November 2021 22:03

This weekend Wink

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2022 Models

Sat, 30 October 2021 13:16

So I was looking at the new bike models for 2022 and I was kinda reminded of Clarkson's quip "It's like the menu of a Scottish restaurant: not much on it and nothing you really want". Laugh

I was kinda stoked to see Gasgas was back at building enduro and MX bikes but then discovered they are (obviously) nothing more than rebranded KTM. Doh
Pretty much the only two bikes I find interesting are the Kawasaki Z650RS and Z900RS SE, albeit they will probably both be bloody expensive for what they are and in such "short supply" you won't be able to get a penny off them.
All the rest gets a hard pass from me.

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CB125R 2019 Clacking Noise after oil change

Fri, 22 October 2021 14:43

Hi, ive recently bough a Honda CB125R 2019 and Ive decided to do the usual oil change.

Ive had a look into the manual for recommended oil and it stated 10w30.

So i went ahead and bought the Castrol Power1 10w30 4T motorcycle oil.

After changing the oil, ive turned the bike on and immediately noticed clicking,clacking noise coming from the front end where engine is. I havent yet riden the bike as worried its something bad. The noise is as if theres no oil inside the engine and metals are rubbing against each other. But a full 1 litre has went in and after checking the oil when bike is level it shows the max level meaning oil level is perfect.

Any ideas what this could be and whether its normal? It seems that the noise slightly fades after holding in the clutch in idle.


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Sat, 25 September 2021 08:05

How bad is is the fuel situation where you are?
Around here folk are being exceptionally stupid and panic buying the stuff. Queues everywhere.

Good old media, stoking the fire to get the next days headlines.

Country had gon loopy

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hello, how can i solve this problem?

hello, how can i solve this problem?; Mon, 20 September 2021 18:44

hello, how can i solve this problem with this page showing? eyeg

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