Just checking in after a few years; Wed, 02 December 2020 00:32

Thought I might let you all know that we are still here in NZ - covid free - but we both left the mighty Honda stable a while ago and I have a Triumph and he has a BMW GS1200 heavy big thingy Laugh

I see a lot of familiar names still on here - I hope you are all doing OK and the UK lockdown mess is not getting to you too much

Stay safe


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Arai 2021 Colors

Sun, 22 November 2020 16:11

Does anyone know if Arai has released any new colors for 2021? think
I haven't seen a thing and the Visor Shop newsletter is silent on the matter.

Since I don't read rags anymore out of protest has anybody seen anything on the matter?


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Advice Please

Wed, 11 November 2020 20:26

Evening all,how are we all doing,good i hope Thumbs Up
I need some advice on a bike and about the pros n cons
of buying a bike unseen,whats my legal standing if it goes
tits up,and would you ever buy one,or have you ever bought
one going in blind so to speak think
Here's the beast in question,does it look a gudun to you think ked-rims-incredible-spec-in-york-north-yorkshire-24d633b2-f2 5b-49ab-a148-36df351b6556

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Kawasaki Heavy Industries Spinng Bike Division Off

Wed, 04 November 2020 14:28

Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) has announced the intention to spin off their Motorcyle & Engine (M&E) division, effective October 2021.
This is something that was first ventilated back in the early 90's, when M&E wasn't doing well from a financial standpoint. However since M&E became once again profitable in FY 1995, the parent company queitly retired their proposal.

It's not a mystery KHI doesn't like selling bikes and brushcutters directly to the public, but since M&E was profitable (in some years very much so) and since institutional KHI shareholders feared it would be scooped up by a foreign company, the idea of a sale or spin-off was off the table.
M&E is expected to lose about £50 million in FY 2020 (ending February 28 2021), but I honestly doubt that's the reason: Japanese conglomerates have divisions that have been losing much more money for much longer and show no intention of getting rid of them.

The automotive lanscape in Japan is radically changing however: over the past 20 years Toyota has been slowly but steadily pulling other companies into their own orbit using the typically Japanese method of cross-shareholding. Yamaha and Suzuki (and their subsidiaries, such as Kokusan Denki) are already part of the extended Toyota family, Mazda is being pulled in right now and Fuji Heavy Industries (makers of the Subaru cars) has been bought outright. Should M&E become an independent companies with "ties" to the original Kawasaki conglomerate, like I think it will, there's a strong chance it would meet the same fate, which would make Toyota effectively the kingmaker in the worldwide bike market.
And what about Honda? Honda has long been very profitable as a whole, and despite the independent stance it's firmly controlled by shareholders belonging to the Mitsubishi conglomerate, so there are no problems right now. Yes, the leadership sees bikes as an afterthought these days, but so far they make money in the sector so the bikes stay. Wink

Allow me to say here that the mentality among Japanese bike manufacturers has become staid to say the very least. Look at electric vehicles: they present lots of concepts and prototypes, but when will I be able to buy a Honda electric scooter to get to work? Electric Motocompo anyone?
In the past Honda and Yamaha have said the market demand cheap e-scooters they have no capability to manufacture right now, but in my tiny town we have a BMW C-evo and a Zero DS (check the prices on those things! eek ) and no cheap Chinese scooters. And with countries like China and India poised to heavily subsidize electric vehicles over the next five years there's a truly enormous market just waiting to be tapped into, something made even more ironic by the fact Panasonic, a company with close ties to Toyota, is by far the largest producer of battery cells for electric and hybrid vehicles in the world.

I don't know when we'll get out of the present mess, but the bike landscape is changing radically right now without much fuss.

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Wed, 04 November 2020 14:09

Being a guitar player im often compared to brian may and slash, only the other day my mate said to me "compared to brian may and slash your shit"

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engine noise CM125

Tue, 03 November 2020 20:16

Any ideas about this engine noise? The bike is a CM125 c 1985

Let me know if any more information is needed and I'll add it to the post.

Thanks so much.

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1982 Honda CM 125 C Diesel in the tank + no cranking

Thu, 29 October 2020 09:54

Crosspost from r/fixxit

Alright, so first off, I posted on r/motorcycles about the diesel issue, but none of what was recommended there has worked so far.

The Issue: Moved from Canada to the UK, and the colors of the petrol/diesel are opposite. so, as a seasoned gasoline user, I grabbed the black handle and ended up putting wretched diesel in my Honda CM 125. Drove it away from the gas station about 200m, started losing power, and turned the bike off and pulled over to the side of the road. She wouldn't start up, I tried quite a few times, so I started walking back the way I came with my bike. Saw the gas station, and double checked, and yep. I put diesel in it.

I've also done some extensive googling on the diesel-in-a-motorcycle thing and haven't found anything else other than the usual drain, clean carb, and spark plugs routine.

What has been done so far:

Drained the gas tank of contaminated fuel and filled with regular gasoline.

This was done within ~10 minutes of draining it, which again in hindsight the general consensus seems to be let it air out a bit before refilling.

Removed and cleaned the carburetor fully, checking for blocked jets.

Checked the airbox/filter, all good there.

Replaced the soiled spark plugs.

Replaced the starter relay/solenoid.

After this was done, I tried starting it again, vigorously (not smart in hindsight) to get her running again. no luck. and after about the 10th time trying to start it up, I no longer got any cranking from the starter motor. Just a single, loud, audible *Click* from the relay located by the battery. I have tried charging my battery overnight, and using my brother's motorcycle battery which is known-working in his Yamaha YBR.

I replaced the starter relay, and still the same single click when trying to start her up.

From what I've done so far, I would assume my starter motor is busted, but hot damn is it expensive to scoop up a new one so if there's anything else to check or replace first, that insight would be greatly appreciated. That's my story, and yes, I have very much learned my lesson about filling up at the station.

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Harley Davidson Pan America

Thu, 29 October 2020 08:37

With the present situation we all need a good laugh, so here it is.

You know what? I am really tempted to just leave it there because, come on, how do they expect to sell something looking like that? Sadly after seeing the cars around these days, which look like they have been designed by and for a not particularly bright 10 year old, I strongly suspect the snake oil salesmen in Milwaukee will manage to seel some of these monstrosities so let's dig into the technical details.

It's chain driven! eek
It's liquid cooled! eek eek
It's a US-designed and built bike! Doh Meaning it handles like Beford lorry from the 60's with deflated tyres. Laugh

Now let's get into a detail. While you can already order one in Europe there's no word on pricing, but in the US it's $17,000. By comparison a bare-bone BMW R1250GS Adventure on the same market is $20,100. Since both companies are not exactly known for their rock bottom pricing, it means some corners were undoubtedly cut.

Oh well, I bet the Indian market, which according to HD has been "ripe for the picking" since 2005, will absorb all the excess production. Wink

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New Toy

Fri, 23 October 2020 08:48

Not really new but pretty anyway.



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Thu, 22 October 2020 21:32

Hi all just updated Macrium and this popped up,
so do i convert or leave it,,, think


Technical Help | 2 comments

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