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Tue, 21 July 2020 21:17

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Maybe a strange request

Thu, 16 July 2020 10:16

I am back on a Honda after many years of "other bikes"

I am about to change the cam chain tensioner in my XBR500 and stop the weeps from the base gasket and head gasket, no problems in that.
What i would like to know is does the cylinder base gasket need some type of sealer. I am from the Red Hermatite era, two tubes of it (because you always trod on one).
I did progress the the silvery stuff Honda recommended when i worked in a bike shop in the 70's, but these days there are all kinds of exotic sealants, probably one for every size of bolt, and day of the week.
Same for the head gasket though i know head gaskets may not need then because of their make up.

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Tue, 07 July 2020 21:36

And not the kids cartoon one eek
So how do i get shut, as it keeps popping up,when i fire up firefox,
ive ,think i've deleted it from FF,and now i tried this...
Open Internet Explorer and click on the Gear icon.
Click on the 'Manage add-ons' option.
Click on 'Search Providers' which is on left pane.
Right click on 'Bing' where is listed under the 'Name:' column.
Click on 'Remove' from the drop-down menu.
But the remove is light grey and you cant click on it Confused
Also i found this,it seems to heavy for me,what d'you think,can i break anythink rking-windows-10

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MOT Today

Mon, 06 July 2020 22:15

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Mon, 06 July 2020 21:27


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Dad's Army Opening Theme

Thu, 25 June 2020 12:06

Just out of curiosity: does anyone know if a high quality mp3 file of Who Do you Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler? exists?
I've been looking on both iTunes and Amazon with no luck.


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Honda CJ250T restoration project

Advice/help; Mon, 22 June 2020 13:08

Hi All,

I've had an old 70s Honda CJ250T that I adopted about 6 years ago sat in my garage that I'm just getting around to attempting to restore, preferably in a café racer style.

The bike was last taxed in 1980 and was sat in a garage since then before I adopted it approximately 6 years ago and it has sat in my garage since.

So far I've removed the battery that looks like it's knackered with one cell about half full and the rest completely dry, so I'm guessing it'll need replacing and cannot be refurbished.

I pulled the carbs off and they look amazingly clean considering, the fuel tank is empty and no jelly inside so I'm hoping it's recoverable.

The engine won't turn over but I think it's just seized from sitting there so once I get the plugs off I'm gonna try some lubrication and see if that loosens it up ?!?

As you can see from the photo's there's plenty of surface rust and it's certainly seen better days.

It has no registration according to DVLA but as it was given to me by a friend after his Dad passed away the paperwork's been lost so I'll need to register it if I ever get it going.

As far as my mate knows there where no issues with it before his Dad stopped using it, so hopefully with a bit of tlc and some help I can at the least get it running.

I've found a shop manual online and have a limited mechanical knowledge from tinkering with bikes as a kid and have had motorbikes in the last ten years although not right now.

Any advice or directions to any websites etc would be greatly appreciated.




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Modern Definitions

Wed, 17 June 2020 12:45

BOY SCOUTS: A group of boys dressed like idiots
lead by an idiot dressed like a boy.

DIPLOMAT: Is the one who tells you to go to hell in
such a way that you are anxious to start the trip.

ARCHITECT: The guy who wasn't man enough to be an
engineer, or gay enough to be a designer.

ACCOUNTANT: The one who knows the cost of everything
but the value of nothing.

AUDITOR: The one who arrives after the battle and
steps on the wounded.

BANK OWNER: The guy who lends you an umbrella when
it's sunny and takes it back the moment
it starts to rain. (Mark Twain)

ECONOMIST: An expert who will know tomorrow why the
predictions he made yesterday did not happen today.

REALIST: Someone who takes a fake bomb to an
aeroplane, because this reduces the
possibilities of having another bomb on the same
aeroplane. (Laurence J.

PROGRAMMER: The one who fixes a problem you didn't
know you had in a way you do not comprehend.

QUANTUM PHYSICS SCIENTIST: It's a blind man in a
dark room, looking for a black cat that is not there.

LAWYER: It's someone who writes a 10,000 words
document and calls it "summary".
(Franz Kafka)

PSYCHOLOGIST: The one who looks at everyone else in
the room when an attractive woman comes in.

CONSULTANT: Someone who takes the watch off your
wrist, tells you what time it is and charges you for it.

FRIEND: How we call someone from the opposite sex
who has this "I don't know what" that
eliminates any intention of wanting to sleep with

DANCING: The vertical frustration of a horizontal

ORAL EXAM: Test to get an internship in the White

EASY: How women with the s*xual behaviour of a man
are called.

FOOTBALL: It's with what every woman gets married to
without knowing.

INDIFFERENCE: Attitude adopted by a woman towards a
man who does not interest her, and is
interpreted by him as "she is playing hard to get".

INFLATION: It's having to pay for next year's prices
with last year's salary.

NYMPHOMANIAC: Word used by a man to define a woman
who wants more s*x than he does.

TEAM WORK: Possibility of blaming others.

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CG 125 cracked engine case

Help. Rebuilding cg 125; Tue, 16 June 2020 13:28

Thanks for dropping in

I’m currently rebuilding my cg 125 w (97-00) engine number jc27e and found a very bad crack in the engine case. I’ve searched high and low looking for a replacement to no avail. The closest I’ve found is a engine case off a 1982 model the cases look practically identical.

My question is does anybody know if the internals (gears etc) would fit into a older case or even better if anybody know where I might find the same model would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

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Tue, 16 June 2020 12:51

Just how safe is it to use? think
I have been thinking about using it for work since every single company seems to be using it these days but the fact they are owned by scumbag FaceBook worries me to no small end. I don't like the idea of my business contacts to be "shared" with I don't know who, let alone all the rest I have in my phone.

No, it's not that kind of filth. Wink

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