Iphone Q

Sat, 20 July 2019 21:19

Ok i have my music on my Iphone,i also have a small
bluetooth speaker,when link the two up,my phone
seems to get very hot,is this normal think

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Lost money

Fri, 19 July 2019 21:24

I came out of Asda this morning and there was a woman crying her eyes out.
She'd lost all her holiday money.
I felt so sorry for her I gave her £50.
I don't usually do that kind of thing but I'd just found £2000 in the carpark. Twisted Evil

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Thu, 18 July 2019 09:34


Rail firm fined as man dies sticking head out of window RollEyes .

In other news, owners of World Trade Centre fined for not having a sign on their buildings saying "Please don't fly an aeroplane into these towers"...In Arabic.

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DVD to USB??

Wed, 17 July 2019 11:42

As per title, is it possible to copy DVD's to a USB stick.

PREFERABLY IN A VERY EASY WAY, 'cos a tech guru I certainly am not smile

I have Googled it but they all want you to download "free" software which is probably riddled with crap and still won't do what it's meant to.

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Alternative to a c-spanner

Sun, 14 July 2019 18:42

Title says it all really.
Basically the R1 doesn't have a toolkit and I need a c-spanner.
Any advice? think

need to increase the preload cos I is fat...

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Kinda funny

Fri, 05 July 2019 11:39

It's kinda funny if you think about it.

We all came from the MCN Fireblade forum but how many of us still ride one....

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Clunky Gearbox and Noisy Engine

Wed, 03 July 2019 21:51

BMW F650 GS 2001,25,000 So how clunky and noisy are they,as mine is very
clunky and noisy,whats the best cause of action,would thicker oil help think

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Spel Cheka

Tue, 02 July 2019 21:42

Wer is it think

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Tue, 02 July 2019 09:25

MOT, time fingers X

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PC,Towers,,,,,,,,its not a Policeman

Sun, 30 June 2019 21:23

Where do they go to die,what should i take out of the box think think

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