CB1300 sa08/Bol D'or

Fork Seals; Sat, 04 May 2019 10:07

Hi all,
Needin a hand here please. I had a pdf manual for cb1300 f which gave me basic settings for torquing up and level measurements, sadly I cannot find it so I'm here asking/pleading for help.
I'm about to change fork seals on my CB1300 sa08/Bol D'or which is no great biggy, what I'm needing is fork oil levels/amounts and torque settings for yoke clamps, brake calipers and front spindle.
Thanks in advance
Drew smile

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Thu, 02 May 2019 12:09

Everyday my 90 year old neighbour who has alzhiemers knocks on my door and asks me if I've seen his wife.
And everyday I have to tell that 90 year old man his wife has been long dead.

You know I have thought of not answering the door and have even thought about moving house.
But you know it's worth it, each time just to see the smile on his face..

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Tiffanys raid

Fri, 26 April 2019 20:06

Police are investigating a raid at Tiffany's in London.
The suspects were last seen running just as fast as they can, holding on to one another's hand.

I'll get my Get your coat

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Windows Movie Maker

Wed, 24 April 2019 21:41

Hi all i'm looking for a safe codec for
Windows Movie Maker,,,i'm on Windows 7,
Everything i've checked out seems a bit
iffy,with reports of PCs going tits up.
Thanks in advance Thumbs Up

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Wed, 24 April 2019 12:53

Can anyone help by knowing if Crankshaft on Honda CBR 1000RR4/RR5 Fireblade fits to CBR 1000RR6/RR7?
Thank you in advance.

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£2.90/mile - Good value?

Tue, 23 April 2019 16:28

Guess what costs ~£2.90 a mile to run?

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Bike Drifting

Tue, 16 April 2019 21:29

I posted this on a BMW Site Blush Forgive me Father for i have sinned Wall

Hi all,so is it just me or has anyone else had the same experience,whilst riding
on the motorway the other day,i was on a long sweeping part of the MW,and
to say it was hard work keeping it in the one lane was an understatment,there
was a slight wind,but the bike just wanted to drift,out and out,till it got really
IFFY,speed was around 55/60 tops.
Any advice would be helpful

Now someone mentioned tyre pressure,mine is Front30,,,Rear30,as per the book,
or near as dam it.
But they said hey had the similar thing,and they fixed it by putting the tyres up
to Front 35,,,Rear 38 eek

As i trust you lads more,whats your opinion think

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bore wear

engine burning oil due to bore problems?; Tue, 16 April 2019 09:13

What year did the fireblade have an engine problem with burning oil due to bore linings

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ns125 crank rebuild help

looking for recommendations; Sun, 14 April 2019 19:53

hi, new to the forum, just purchashed an ns125. and im looking for recommendations to have the crank rebuilt, barrel and piston repaired/replaced. i will be doing the rest of the work myself. im north east uk. had one of these when i was 17 and loved it, and it's too nice a bike to break.

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USB Cables

Fri, 12 April 2019 22:56

So i have a Drift camera,of which i changed the battery the other day,
now i charged the new battery up,and all was fine,using an ordinary USB lead,
used the camera till it stopped,battery empty,tried to charge again,using
same USB lead,but it would not charge,anyway after some considerable (uckin ages)
i twigged i had the wrong cable,so the Q is,
Whats the difference and why,the cable with he (lump)is the correct one think


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